So the numbers are sorted, but what happens next? What if you had a top notch FD on board to provide oversight over the complicated bits and to work with you to take your great ideas and turn them into actions? To help you interpret the numbers, reach your full potential and achieve your business goals?

Great! But if you’re like the majority of small and medium sized businesses on the island and either can’t afford or don’t need a full-time FD on board, talk to us – our outsourced FD services might be just what you need. We love working with like-minded business owners who are as excited and driven as we are!

Using the cloud accounting systems like Xero and Receipt Bank, gives us real time access to your numbers, and facilitates the outsourcing of FD services. 

Examples of FD services:

  • Development of meaningful financial reporting for your business
  • Preparation and / or presentation of financial reporting to the management team
  • Oversight of in-house accounting team
  • Business valuations
  • MBOs and exit planning


Whether you’re ready to go, or still in the early stages of starting a business, let’s have a chat and we can tailor something for you.

All initial consultations are free.