Creating your bespoke system

Xero for us is just the start.  Xero is a great accounting system, and the first piece of the jigsaw.  It integrates with 1000's of add-ons that enable your business to create a fully bespoke system tailor made for your business.  Getting the right systems in place is fundamental to running an efficient and profitable business.

You can find a system to meet most business needs in the Xero marketplace , and we can help set up the integration.

Some of our favourites are:

  • Manage your workflow from quote through to invoice while tracking time and costs with WorkFlowMax. If you are a service business and you track time - or even bill based on time - then WorkflowMax is for you.
  • For a job management & timesheet system for a cleaning / gardening type business - we love GeoOp.  It is complete job management all wrapped into a low cost, easy to use service with premium support. It's wherever you and your team are and can be used on any device.
  • If you need a client onboarding system, we can't recommend Practice Ignition highly enough.  Streamline and automate your client proposals and contracts.  Practice Ignition turns your proposal, terms of service and payment collection into a single smart contract. It's fast, efficient and your clients will love it!
  • For easy cashflow forecasting we love Fluidly, and it also has intelligent invoice chasing functionality too.  For forecasting up to 3 months - we can offer our clients Fluidly for free.   This one minute video or this 18 minute webinar which will tell you more about using Fluidly.
  • For tradie businesses, to track jobs from quote to invoice and everything in between...check out Tradify.
  • To take card payments - SumUp is great.  It works in Guernsey (unlike many others!), accepts all cards and works with your phone.  A small one off cost at first (cheaper with this link) and then no fixed fees - just 1.69% per transaction.  Payments get paid straight into your bank account.
  • And last but not least - we love the challenger banks, but sadly not all operate in Guernsey.
    • Wise & Revolut do operate in Guernsey - for personal and business banking (including Guernsey Limited companies).  Consider adding as a second bank account for your business so you can automate more and potentially reduce risk (e.g. if you currently have to manually input a payment, importing can reduce the risk).  Invite links:
    • We also like Starling bank, who open personal accounts for Guernsey too (including for sole traders, but not for Guernsey Limited companies).



Talk to us and we can help advise and set up the systems to meet your business needs.

All initial consultations are free. [email protected]

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