Business Support Measures – new web portal and revisions to the scheme

With information from 15 May 2020 States of Guernsey media release

New Web Portal

The latest business support media release announces that businesses applying for payroll support through the Business Support Scheme will be able to submit their claims through a new web portal. This revised arrangement will make use of a new IT processing system which will enable faster processing and payment of applications.

The web portal will provide a user-friendly means of submitting payroll support claims.

All claims for payroll funding for the period from 4th May 2020 should be submitted through the new web portal. This can be accessed here:

The media release can be found here.

If businesses have already submitted a payroll claim for any period from 4th May, there is no need to re-submit an application.

Extended Business Support eligibility criteria

The following changes have been made:

  • Eligibility for the small business grant has been increased to allow businesses which have up to 20 employees to claim for the grant. The previous limit was 10 employees including the business owner.
  • For operations that have multiple businesses in different economic sectors, separate claims can now be made for each business that operates in a different economic sector.
  • Businesses that commenced trading between 1st September and 1st December 2019 will be eligible for support if they can clearly demonstrate that they are firmly established and financially viable. Previously, businesses that had only started trading prior to 1st September were eligible for support.
  • Eligibility for the small business grant will be extended to loss making/minimal profit businesses, where they are able to demonstrate that the business is financially viable. Businesses will be required to submit copies of their business bank accounts for the last 6 months, together with management accounts if these are available, to demonstrate turnover and profitability.
  • Small business bookkeepers are now eligible (this is also true for the payroll co-funding scheme).

The briefing includes further detail and FAQs and we recommend you read the FAQs if any of the above applies.

Eligibility Checking

We are now seeing the Revenue Service undertake eligibility checks as part of their verification processes, and they are advising of some rejections after payment of the grants.  We understand that FAQs were not available in as much detail when the scheme was first launched, and it would seem some grants have been paid when they should have been rejected initially.  If this has happened to you and you feel an appeal is appropriate, please do discuss with us.  If you can’t afford to repay a grant received and you wish to discuss your case with us – please get in touch.

Useful Resources

We continue to recommend the small business Facebook group as a useful resource, and there is a group of local accountants helping on there and offering support.

Cashflow Webinar

Finally a reminder that we are holding a Fluidly this afternoon, 19th May at 2pm.  This will help you to understand your cashflow better and get set up on Fluidly.

The session will cover:
●     Introduction to Fluidly
●     Setting up your cashflow forecast
●     Using the Goal planner to map the impact of COVID-19 on your business

Register here

As we always say – if you have any questions please contact us we are here to help.  So if you need any help with a claim, a loan application, or anything else accounts related, please contact us.  If you have submitted a claim and still not heard – we do now recommend you call the Business Support team on 743803 to check on the progress.