Payment Platforms

If you’ve found yourself to this page, you are probably looking for some guidance on payment platforms that accept Guernsey businesses.

Sadly there is a lack of availability of global payment systems for Guernsey businesses. Diane, MD at de garis, has been lobbying to raise awareness of this issue since she started her practice in 2014, and is now part of a working party trying to remove barriers so we increase the options and hopefully attract some of the big players like STRIPE and GoCardless.

We are regularly asked about what platforms are available in Guernsey, and in the interest of narrowing the research everyone needs to do we have collated a list of suppliers that we believe (but we don’t guarantee!) accept Guernsey companies.

Sumup ~ Easy, secure, and affordable small business card payment solutions.

Vend ~ All in one commerce platform for retailers.

Omnipay ~ Payment platform with virtual terminal, PDQ machines, ability to share payment links and more.

Worldpay ~ Worldpay Is a Merchant Services and Payment Processing Provider Offering a Payment Gateway for Online Transactions

Paypal ~ Payment platform with solutions to accept online payments and to take payments in store / person.

Pay360 ~ Payment platform with solutions to accept online payments, telephone and to take payments in store / person.

Globalpay ~ Accept payments online and via mobile devices. Also offers cloud based POS solutions.

eposnow ~ offers retail and hospitality POS solutions.

We also recommend you discuss with your bank, as they have solutions they can refer you to that may not be on this list.