Self-employed sole trader claims won’t need supporting documentation. They will be checked for authenticity by Compliance Dept, Revenue Service. Bear in mind, if the form comes direct from an accountant then they will place reliance on that professional to have made the correct claim. The Revenue Service will very soon be releasing a new FAQ, we will share this as soon as it is issued.

Existing claims for sole trader wages (the co-payment relating to sole traders). We are still waiting to hear if these need re-submitting. We are following up on this matter everyday.

Limited companies. Owners should claim for their wages if they haven’t already and re-submit old claims (both backed up with payslips).

If you are partly returning to work next week, please claim for your wage support “pro-rata”. For example, if you work a 40 hour week and can only at the moment work 10 hours, then claim the remaining 30 hours from the co-payment.

About 60% of the grant and co-payment claims are now paid out.

The registration process for working next week (Phase 2). Businesses will have to self-certify that they will comply with social distancing measures. There should be a form out today or tomorrow. If this is not published, businesses will have to email Environmental Health with a business case and procedures around how and why they can work next week.

Please note that new guidelines for Phase 2 of working restrictions is likely to be published tomorrow (Thursday 23rd).

This information has been issued by a collaborative group of local accountants, The Guernsey Small Business Accountants Group.  We are all on the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/GuernseySmallBusinessTogether/ and we recommend that as a useful resource for small businesses seeking support around these issues.

If you need any help with your claim, or indeed to discuss a claim you have already submitted, please contact us, [email protected] or 254748.