Which timesheet system?

In this blog we are exploring which is the best timesheet system, particularly as a link to Xero.  There are many many options (see Xero apps), but in this blog I plan to focus on just 3 of my preferred apps.

WorkFlowMax (also called Xero Practice Manager)

www.workflowmax.com – watch the 2 min video demonstrating the system and see the videos here for your type of business

WorkflowMax is a project management software that can take care of all your business management needs, including project tracking, timesheets, reporting, invoicing, job monitoring, and all other aspects of project management in between. Acquired by Xero, WorkflowMax integrates seamlessly with Xero’s business software and systems.

WorkflowMax is a great set of project management tools that works well with companies from across industries. WorkflowMax is the business management software of choice of more than 5,000 businesses and service providers.


WorkflowMax has an extensive list of functional applications and features, designed to maximize the potential of any enterprise. Most notably:

  • All in one software – leads, quotes, time tracking, job management and invoicing. All the business tools you need in one system, meaning you do not need to launch applications from multiple systems, ensuring that you work faster, effectively, and efficiently.
  • As a cloud system, you can access WorkflowMax and all the data stored within easily anytime and from anywhere.
  • Real time data means you have utmost transparency and visibility.
  • Powerful, fast, and accurate reporting means you can instantly gather reliable data, analyse them, and make intelligent plans of action.
  • It is Xero owned, which means it works well with Xero’s long line of accounting and business software and applications.

Key features:

  • CRM (Lead Manager)
  • Quoting / Estimating
  • Client management
  • Job Tracking
  • Project management
  • Job costing
  • Time tracking
  • Document management
  • Integration with Xero
  • Custom Reporting
  • Integration with other products
  • Good email support
  • Free online webinars and video tutorials
  • Staff scheduling


Free 15 day trial available.  From US$15 per month for one user, US$49 for up to 5 users – see link.



https://minutedock.com/ – see video

MinuteDock is a web-based time tracking application that integrates with top platforms such as Xero, QuickBooks and Freshbooks.

Thousands use the app to track their work day. Especially built for small businesses that are looking for something simple, efficient, and flexible, the tool is an ideal solution to tracking time on clients.


MinuteDock provides you with an innovative timer interface, saving you hours of tracking and logging tasks. You can instantly jump between various clients and tasks without missing a beat. In addition, you can track your progress against customer hourly budgets in an instant.

The tool also provides in-depth reporting features for both you and your clients, showing you and them exactly what you have worked on. Keep track by setting work objectives that update as you log. You can run profitable and productive reports on how and where you use your time.

Invoice with the data you need in just a number clicks, which you send through email or with seamless integration to QuickBooks and Xero. Create chronological and informative invoices from your time entries.

  • MinuteDock is an online timesheeting software designed to be easy and efficient for freelancers and small/medium businesses.
  • Tracking time is quick and simple – the app offers an innovative “Dock”, where you can jot in time entries in seconds without your hands leaving the keyboard. Hotkeys make starting/stopping timers super fast.
  • MinuteDock integrates directly with your accounting system to sync across your customers so you don’t need to manage two sets of records.
  • You can drill down into time spent by staff on clients, projects and tasks with MinuteDock’s in-depth live reporting, quickly and easily. The app’s flexible reporting allows you to get actionable insight from your timesheet data.
  • You can keep track of your budgets and targets with MinuteDock’s “Goals”. They are front and centre at a glance, so you’ll always know how you’re tracking.
  • As mentioned earlier, MinuteDock integrates with your accounting system to deliver invoices. When you’re ready to bill, send across an invoice to your accounting system to deliver to the client in a matter of seconds.

Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Content feature time tracking
  • Fast time tracking
  • Content feature invoicing
  • Invoice from your accounting system
  • Content feature reports
  • Get an overview of your time as well as money
  • Content feature goal hover
  • Stay on target and within budget
  • Content feature contacts
  • Categorize with contacts, projects, as well as tasks
  • Invoice your timesheets
  • In-depth reporting



Free 14 day trial available.  From £15 per month for one user, £40 for up to 5 users – see link.


https://www.getharvest.com/ – see overview video

Harvest is for anyone who needs to track time and bill clients, from individual freelancers and consultants to midsize agencies and client service businesses.


The Harvest for Xero integration lets you bill your clients using Harvest’s robust invoicing functionality while minimizing bookkeeping busywork. When you send an invoice to your client through Harvest, the invoice is automatically copied over into Xero.

Harvest isn’t just the easiest way for your team to track time – it puts the timesheet data to work for you. Streamline your entire billing process within one system, from time tracking all the way to getting paid. Creating an invoice based on tracked time – using different billable rates for different people, tasks, or projects – is as simple as hitting a button. And the award-winning integration with Xero automatically copies over invoices and payments so your accounting is never out of sync.

Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Budget
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Integrates with project management tools
  • Different billing rates can be set up
  • Automatically create invoices based on tracked time
  • Award winning integration with Xero
  • Reporting on project progress, budgets, job costing, and profitability
  • Cloud based



Free 30 day trial available.  From US$12 per month for one user, US$49 for up to 5 users – see link (note different functionality from $49 pricing incl timesheet approval).

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